Bye bye day and bye bye night

Friday, and last day at the office! This gives the opportunity for a
Farewell Friday Fika!
Synchronized cake box opening!PD2_2
Some of my Chinese sisters and brothers!PD2_6PD2_3PD2_4PD2_7PD2_5
Good job done by all cake-eaters!PD2_8
A and his team, the official version.
A and his team, the inofficial version.
Office bye bye!
Dinner with F & C!PD2_12PD2_13PD2_14
And 2 tired persons bounced into bed, a day full of emotions and impressions!

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4 responses to “Bye bye day and bye bye night”

  1. Yvve says :

    Fina ni är! Vi är redo om ni behöver nån assistans av nåt slag!

  2. EvWa says :

    Fina minnesbilder.


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