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PRC goes Partille

The house got empty after Mum and Dad left, so… we needed some company! Some good friends from Shanghai now in Gothenburg at the same time, and one Gothenburg friend we found in Shanghai is also back in Gothenburg, so:
Sunday dinner! Some food, friendship and laughter!
One almost similar view, to get also the previous photographer in the picture…
Same as always, at work or in normal life: when everything else is shaky and blurry, F is sharp and in focus! 🙂Sino_7
Engineers are always on duty! A test vehicle, and test engineers cannot keep their hands off…Sino_8Sino_9
So many gifts, thanks!Sino_10Sino_11Sino_12


A har hittat vårt hus på Hemnet!
Vi som var så nöjda med våra hyresgäster???

Fast näää, det var ju inte så farligt… Det gällde ett annat hus längre bort på gatan, och så såg man vårt i bakgrunden på en av bilderna bara… hihi!